The countdown begins!

Are you ready to Knit-a-long?

Uist Wool has teamed up with Ayrshire-based hand-dyer Old Maiden Aunt to host a KAL this Summer. Pair your lovely Uist Wool natural shades with Old Maiden Aunt’s stunning dyed yarns to create your gorgeous crafted Dyed/Undyed objects.
Needles and hooks at the ready, as we gear up to start on Wednesday (1st May). Have you got your projects ready?

A bit more about the rules:

  1. Use any Uist Wool undyed yarn and pair it with any dyed yarn from Old Maiden Aunt in a single project.
  2.  Yarns can be used in any dyed/undyed proportions.
  3. Knit or crochet any type of project, so long as you’re using at least 1 undyed and 1 dyed yarn.
  4. Cast-on is Wednesday 1st May 2019.
  5. Cast-off is 31st July 2019.
  6. Share your works-in-progress (WIPs) and finished objects (FOs) on Instagram, using the hashtags #dyedundyed #oldmaidenaunt #uistwool
  7. Have fun!

Other notes:
You can cast on any time between 1st May and 31st July, so you can do as many WIPs as you like, and you still have plenty of time to purchase your Uist Wooland Old Maiden Auntyarns.
There are some exciting yarn prizes on offer for the best FOs in the #dyedundyed hashtag, so make sure you share them before the 31st July!

Old Maiden Aunt have now sold out of their dyed Sìth 4-ply, however Uist Wool have just 10 skeins of undyed Sìth 4-plyleft, so make sure you have all the skeins that you need- there will not be another opportunity to buy any more once they’re gone!

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