Top 5 in the Hat Parade

Readers, it’s been over a year since I declared my inability to finish knitting a hat in 1977 – The Hat from Hell Forty years on I’m overjoyed to share the news that the Great Hat Knitting Demon has been defeated and banished forever from the Kingdom of Dana. Let me share my quest with […]

The Hat from Hell

I have a small confession to make. In all honesty I’m not a natural-born knitter. The family tree weighs heavy on all branches with generations of wool-workers but the skill by-passed me….or so I thought. Once upon a time, the school days of young Dana were happy and carefree. Inspiring teachers (mostly), forging new friendships […]

Embrace the Neps!

Each day I’m working at Uist Wool a moment arrives, usually midway through the afternoon, when I need to get out of my office chair and go wandering onto the Mill floor, or up to the Wool Shed, or even to go and feed the cows on the croft here at Scotvein. (There’s something rather […]