Backstage pass!

We are extending our behind-the-scenes Mill tours throughout August. Take a sneak peek at where our delicious yarns are made, following the process through from the wool shed where we grade the fleeces we buy locally, all the way to the Mill floor, where our beautiful heritage machinery works its magic! 2pm every Friday in […]

Tweed collaboration

Uist Wool have collaborated with skilled Harris Tweed weaver Taobh Tuath Tweeds to create a range of stunning cloths that show off the natural beauty of our yarns. Our Harris Tweeds are woven with our own Uist Wool yarns, giving them several unique qualities that really make them stand out. Our yarns are spun from […]

The countdown begins!

Are you ready to Knit-a-long? Uist Wool has teamed up with Ayrshire-based hand-dyer Old Maiden Aunt to host a KAL this Summer. Pair your lovely Uist Wool natural shades with Old Maiden Aunt’s stunning dyed yarns to create your gorgeous crafted Dyed/Undyed objects.Needles and hooks at the ready, as we gear up to start on […]


Wool Clip 2017: Uist Wool wants your fleece! This year we are looking for: Cheviot/X Texel/X Suffolk/X Zwartbles Hebridean Pricing from £1 – £2 per kg depending on the wool type and grade. Crofters can drop fleeces at the Wool Centre on Grimsay, or call us to collect free-of-charge. Our experienced staff can advise on […]

Wool clip and sheep-talk

As the first clip of the year comes in to our wool shed here on Grimsay, it seems like a good time to discuss one of my favourite subjects: sheep and fibre. Let me talk you through our yarns; fibre by fibre, sheep by sheep. At Uist Wool we don’t dye any of our yarns, preferring instead […]

A Grey Area

  I’ve been thinking a lot about grey recently. I guess it’s the time of year. It’s a particularly evocative colour, used repeatedly as a motif in literature and movies. Even saying “grey” out loud is difficult to do without loading it with context. “What a grey day.”, or “It’s just a bit grey…”. F. Scott […]

Green Behind the Scenes

Uist Wool is a social enterprise; as such its role is to put something back into the surrounding community, to support and boost Uist from a human perspective, growing and building for the future. We’re extremely proud of this, and are proud to say so. What we don’t shout about very much are Uist Wool’s […]