The spinning Mill was constructed in 2013 and houses a range of heritage machinery sourced by Uist Wool from Argyll and Yorkshire. From what we’ve been told by the previous owners the carding and spinning machinery had a hard working life in several other mainland mills prior to this date. The main parts of the Card may have their origins in the mid 19th Century and they’re still working beautifully.

During the training and set-up of the Mill between 2013-15 all the machines were stripped down, cleaned and re-built with almost forensic attention to detail. Our engineering team fine-tuned all the moving parts to ensure a smooth operation of mechanical magic occurs when wool is introduced to the mix.

There are over 100 individual oiling points on the Card alone and the first job of the day is lubrication with the oil can – a bit like having your morning cuppa! Maintaining and nurturing the machinery is a daily task that we take pride in doing as the Mill is home to a unique and rare beast that we now love dearly.