During the development stage of Uist Wool it was important for the Mill to test how yarns performed in the real world by being made into woven or knitted textiles. Several local designer-makers were commissioned to produce work for exhibition and promotion of our yarns to the public.

This is a key part of our work as a community enterprise and we aim to continue with the commissioning process in the future. Professional development by local makers who use wool in their art or craft is ingrained into the ambition of Uist Wool and we are keen to encourage people to try new creative directions in their work.

Uist Wool has the ability to imagine yarns that are individual to each design project and we feel it is vital to include designers/artists in the process of making – from the very first stage of touching and feeling the raw material in our Wool Shed to the final finish on a garment or cloth.

If working on a small-scale and the story behind a yarn is a valued part of your creative dynamic please get in touch with us to have a discussion about future possibilities.