Advent Destash -Aran & Chunky

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For the last two weeks of December we are offering up one-off bundles of “not-perfect” yarn at irresistible prices.

For every yarn that we spin, we create a range of beautiful perfect skeins of yarn, as overseen by our eagle-eyed staff. There are inevitably a few that don’t pass the test. This could be for a number of reasons:

  • The skein could be more or less than the intended weight;
  • There could be a knot or two in the skein;
  • The plies may not match (e.g. Reothart or Conntraigh);
  • There may be a random fault from the production (thick and thin areas)

These “faulty” (we prefer not-perfect) skeins often end up being used for samples and staff knitting projects, however once again, the stash is over-flowing and we need space!!

Things to remember:

These skeins are not perfect.

These are single offers only- there will be no repeats!

Bundles will be sold as-they-appear and cannot be altered.

We do not make records of the specific faults: this is completely pot-luck.

These offers are popular!

Last year, the popularity of the destash meant that we encountered glitches with the server so that occasionally some bundles were purchased twice. Should this happen this again this year, we will send the bundle to the first purchaser that the website records and refund any others. We will notify you by email if you were unsuccessful in this eventuality.

This year’s available Advent Bundles are:


Meireal aran (P200) x 1 skein (95g) SOLD OUT

Sìth aran P220 x 3 skeins (313g) SOLD OUT

Mid grey (fibre unknown) aran x 3 skeins (320g) SOLD OUT

Solas aran P075 x 1 skein (100g) SOLD OUT


Cloimheach super chunky x 1 skein (348g)

Meath super chunky P071 x 6 skeins (495g)

Lùb dorcha chunky P142 x 3 skeins (270g)

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