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a s t a i r  journey

Taking you on a journey across the Three Peaks of South Uist, Astair pauses and takes in the breathtaking scenery, heritage and features of this rugged land. Though small in stature; Thacla, Beinn Choradail, and Bheinn Mhòr present a side to Uist that is today wild in spirit though steeped in history.

Born from a partnership between Claddach Farm, Fife, and Uist Wool, Astair talks of many journeys.

  • A journey into the unknown. Working with alpaca fibre has been a new learning curve on the mill floor.
  • A journey from Fife to Uist with the Carrs of Claddach Farm.
  • A journey through the islands, exploring the lesser-known land and history of the Eastern side of South Uist.


The Yarns

Astair is a collection of six 4-ply (equivalent) yarns in a range of natural shades made from alpaca and wool blends. Each shade has been individually constructed to ensure a gorgeous balance between strength, tone and Uist Wool character.

Abhainn- River

The mountains are the source of many of Uist’s plentiful freshwater lochs. The source of  Abhainn Ròg comes from high on the ridges and snakes its way into the great fishing lochs at Sniseabhal, filtering the water through millions of years of geology and thousands of years of peat.

Silver mid-grey yarn. Black alpaca and white cheviot wool.

Maol- Small mountain-top plateau

Respite from the heather climb and scree, Maola Breac is a particular favourite grazing spot for remaining upland sheep water collects in shallow green earthy pools.

Strawberry blonde/caramel yarn. Red alpaca and white cheviot wool.

Bealach- Mountain pass

Crossing the mountain ridge from coast to coast is easiest at the bealach. Bealach Heileasdall presents the easiest route over the ridge from Gleann Heileasdall to Gleann Dorchaidh, East to West.

Rich red-brown yarn. Brown alpaca, moorit Shetland and dark Scottish Merino wool.

Sgeir- Crag

Towering above the islands, with extensive panoramic views over land and sea to land again, the crags atop all three peaks provide breath-taking drama to these relatively wee hills.

Deep grey yarn. White alpaca and dark Shetland wool.

Poll- Fishing pool

Nestled in high sheltered spots, these pools provided valuable food sources to those living in the glens on the East coast, or camping in the airidhs whilst tending to sheep.

Pale, silver grey yarn. Grey, black and white alpaca and cheviot wool.

Coire- Corrie

 Millions of years of glacial snow and ice erosion formed this forbidding bowl in the mountainside, the shadows of which shift with the seasons.

Creamy fawn/white. White alpaca with white Cheviot wool (50/50 blend).

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165 metres per 100 grams, 170 meters per 50 grams, 175 meters per 50 grams

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Astair Yarns

Bealach, Abhainn, Coire, Maol, Creag, Sgeir, Poll


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