Canach Wraps

"Linn & Làrach"

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A luxurious super-soft wrap in Scottish Merino with more than one amazing story to tell: A rare breed wool farmed in Aberdeenshire, spun in the Outer Hebrides by Uist Wool and woven in Speyside by Woven in the Bone. A truly artisanal product with provenance.

This year, Woven in the Bone has produced two stunning new designs for us – distinctively different from each other, but held together through their use of playful asymmetry paired with age-old design elements.

Our islands are rich in archaeological sites, and all around us are traces of the everyday life led by our predecessors, which we can see reflected in the patterns of these contemporary textiles.

The rich earthy tones of  Linn  (age, era)  calls to mind the deep dark soil and the distinct layers of time it can sometimes reveal, recounting stories of the changing lives and habits of the people who once inhabited the land.

The subtle lines of Làrach  (mark, trace)  are like traces left in the landscape by generations past; rows of lazybeds that appear and disappear with the changing light, long abandoned peat banks, or the broken outlines of what was once a stone dwelling.

The Wool

Scottish Merino is originally a cross breed of Shetland and Saxon Merino sheep, creating a sheep hardy enough to withstand the Scottish weather with an incredibly soft and fine fleece. The breed was developed in the 1990s by the Macaulay Institute (Now the James Hutton Institute), and you can find more about the project here.

Whilst Scottish Merino sheep are bred to be tougher than pure Merino, the Hebridean winters would still be too much for their fine fleeces, and so we source this special fibre from an established and well-loved flock in Aberdeenshire.

The Spinning

For us, the bonus of Shetland sheep in the breeding means that we get the variety of gorgeous natural colours that we have blended into our fantastic yarns. Each of our yarns has extra texture, neps are a serendipitous result of the combining the fine fibre with our heritage machines, and the result is a truly unusual, rich textured yarn which follows through to the finished cloth. Each of our Canach colours are spun in individual quantities according to the raw fleece available. This means that not only are the yarns in small batches, but that shades and quantities vary from one year to the next. As such, we have a very limited number of these wraps, so make sure that you don’t miss out!

The Weaving

There’s only one person we want to weave our Canach weaving yarns; Sam Goates of Woven in the Bone has an extraordinary sympathy with landscape, texture, colour and form. Her eye for design means that we entrust our yarns to her and await the results with very little input from ourselves. Sam is truly an Artisan, and in our opinion one of the best weavers in Scotland, if not further afield.

“My heritage is the landscape and rich culture of Scotland. Inspiration for my cloth can come from natural, industrial, urban and contemporary environments. I follow a well trodden path that continues to draw connections between the diverse Scottish landscape and the cloth that I make.”


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