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Collaborative Products

Uist Wool have collaborated with skilled Harris Tweed weaver Taobh Tuath Tweeds to create a range of stunning cloths that show off the natural beauty of our yarns.

Our Harris Tweeds are woven with Uist Wool yarn. This gives them several unique qualities that really make them stand out. Our yarns are spun from undyed, locally sourced wool with provenance, on heritage machinery giving them a distinct individual character. Taobh Tuath Tweeds uses a heritage Hattersley loom to weave single-width cloth of exemplary quality. We commission very small batches of this exclusive cloth and are very proud that it bears the distinctive Harris Tweed branding.

This lovely range of small accessories has been produced for us by small-scale textile manufacturers Kalopsia Collective, a social enterprise based in Leith, working to make textiles more ethical and sustainable.

Your tweed choices

Manach monk is Harris Tweed from Uist Wool yarn spun from a blend of soft, bouncy Cheviot from a single croft on Benbecula and wild Hebridean fleece fibres to create this pale grey blend of elegant and subtle herringbone cloth.

Manach Dorcha dark monk is Harris Tweed from Uist Wool yarn spun from a single croft on Benbecula. Spun from a blend of soft, bouncy Cheviot and wild Hebridean fleece fibres to create this darker blend of characterful and textured moody grey cloth.

Salann salt, a creamy natural cheviot white cloth delicately seasoned with dark soft Shetland fibre breaking up the simple profile of the twill pattern weave in this exclusive and unique artisanal cloth.

Treunar hero is a Harris Tweed woven from several different Uist Wool yarns in an intricate hopsack weave pattern to create this stunning variegated check.

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Harris Tweed

Harris Tweed has a long and unique history in local production and brand protection. The Outer Hebrides has been benefitting from the Orb’s presence for generations.

“The rare character and beauty of HARRIS TWEED is attributable to the fact that it is the only fabric produced in commercial quantities by truly traditional methods anywhere in the world. Hundreds of distinctive patterns developed over the centuries, each unique but unmistakably HARRIS TWEED with its characteristic subtle designs in complex natural shades.” (Harris Tweed Authority)

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Manach, Manach Dorcha, Salann, Treunar


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