Las (4 Ply)


£12.00 | 50g

These 4-ply knitting yarns form a delightfully complimentary pair. both spun from Scotch Mule, with a hint of Black Wensleydale fibres rippled through Las Glas to create a pale blue-grey.

Scotch Mule is a first-generation hybrid of the Blue Faced Leicester and the Scottish Blackface, creating a large and hardy sheep ideal for crofting. The Blue Faced Leicester has a lustre-wool fleece, creating a gorgeous sheen to any yarn spun from its fibres; an attribute often carried into the Mule breed. The twist and light ply of Las shows the lustre off perfectly, allowing the yarn to radiate sheepy beauty.



Additional information

Weight 50 g



165 meters per 50g

Yarn type

Las Colour Choice

Las, Las Glas


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