Lovage Sweater Pattern

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The third sweater in our series, this gorgeous design was created for Uist Wool by Flora Kennedy / Inner Wild. Based in the Northern-most point of Uist, Flora takes inspiration from her surroundings.

Inspired by the rhythmic, ribbed lines of a Lovage plant stem and like run rigs hugging the land the Lovage Sweater is designed to be a snug fit so that the ribbing opens and closes, organically wrapping around and flowing over your body’s natural curves.

The Lovage Sweater pattern is ideal for the voluminous bounce of Uist Wool’s yarns. The 4 x 4 ribbing creates a unique swing that contours the body. A light but cozy sweater perfect for Spring or Autumn (or Hebridean Summer) evenings.

Lovage is knitted in the round from the bottom up, with the body, yoke and sleeves knitted as separate pieces, making this a straight forward pattern to follow. For the adventurous novice, to the experienced knitter, Lovage has something for everyone.

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