mair (Aran)


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Three steely greys from the darker end of our tonal range twist to form a powerful moody and above-all strong marl. spun into the enduring classic yarn that is aran, this is ideal for seeing speedy progress on you project, as well as lovely stitch definition if you’re looking for more of a slow steady-paced cabled piece.

Low Waste

At Uist Wool, we do what we can to reduce waste and make ourselves as sustainable as we can be. At the end of each batch spin, we are left with some single-plies that are a little heavier/lighter than the rest. Sometimes these can be paired together to make the correct weight, but sometimes this isn’t possible. So that these aren’t going to waste, we have plied together the heavy/light ‘ends’ of 3 different batches to create this gorgeous powerful aran yarn. Mair is made up of Fuaran, Sian and Calma single-plies.

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Weight 100 g

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140 meters per 100 grams

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