"spring tide"

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These fancy yarns are drawn from the same stable as our fancy blend knitting yarns, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy their subtle and beautiful effects in your weaving just as much as our knitters do!

A method of grading fleece has been developed in-house that allows us to design yarn that uses the full potential of the fleece and showcase the individual characteristics of the sheep breeds. Our yarns are spun from undyed, locally sourced wool with provenance, on heritage machinery giving them a distinct individual character.

Our own exclusive Harris Tweeds are woven with Uist Wool yarn by skilled Harris Tweed weaver Taobh Tuath Tweeds and show off the natural beauty of our yarns, which might inspire you.

REOTHART is a yarn born of invention by bringing together a natural pairing of Cheviot and Zwartbles wool to create a magical strand that shifts from light to dark matching the extremes of depth brought by the spring tide.

11.5 cut / 4.6 Nm

Our weaving yarns are supplied as single-ply yarns, oiled, on cones.

We put in a little more twist than for our knitting yarns, so they are suitable for use as both warp and weft yarns.

Weaving yarns have been steamed to set the twist.

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Cone weight


Galashiels cut / New metric

11.5 cut / 4.6 Nm


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