Smeòrach (DK)


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Introducing SMEÒRACH, a warm-toned and subtle-natured marl which calls to mind the song-thrush and its speckled markings.

Marls are fleeting visitors to our yarn catalogue, produced in many guises but rarely in large enough numbers to supply both our Wool Centre and our online store. This time, we thought we’d turn things around a little and let our online followers get first dibs!

Plied to a versatile DK weight, we made 36 skeins of this limited edition yarn, each of which weighs 100g (3½oz) and measures 230m (250yd). Uist Wool aficionados might be familiar with the individual blends that make up this sumptuous marl:

TUATH  –  a truly Northern yarn blended from 10 North Atlantic Native sheep breeds into a luscious warm tone that sits right between brown and grey, and is rich in flecks and specks ranging from creamy white to golden brown to moody charcoal. Originally spun to celebrate the 8th annual North Atlantic Native Sheep and Wool conference, which was held in Uist last autumn, we kept a few singles aside to create a special marl once we found it’s perfect partner, namely…

SIABAN  –  A quintessentially Uist blend where modern meets traditional. Hebridean sheep which have roamed these islands for many centuries, supplies a dark wool that gives depth and character to a base of creamy white wool from the Cheviots often favoured by our modern-day crofters, resulting in a warm light grey with plenty of visual texture.

Is the union of these two greater than the sum of its parts? We’ll leave it up to you to judge!

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230 meters per 100 grams

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