Tìr (Aran)


£18.00 | 100g

Tìr is roots, growth, heritage, culture, history, secrets, mystery, home and livelihood. It embodies an island life and shares its name through cultures.

Tìr means land in Gaelic (Scots and Irish) and Welsh; a fitting name for this rich earthy dark yarn spun from Uist’s only flock of Black Welsh Mountain sheep (BWM). You might be forgiven for mistaking the yarn initially with the near-black appearance of Calma, spun from Hebridean fleece, but Tìr has a character of its own. Silky smooth and cool to touch, the BWM has qualities akin with long-wool, being well-defined in the twist and less lofty than many of our yarns. Tìr has the weight and flow that would lend itself well to a long cardigan or simple sweater, or even a flowing shawl.

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Weight 100 g

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155 meters per 100g


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