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The corncrake is a secretive and unusual bird, now rare to the UK, but can still be found in Uist and surrounding areas on the machair in Summer. Unobtrusive and very difficult to find, the corncrake is however unmistakable when calling for a mate, when its call resonates for hundreds of meters in every direction, keeping crofters and campers awake all night with its powerful rasping cry.

Like its namesake, Traon has a delicate, subtle and secretive appearance, but packs a punch when it comes to performance. The warm delicate colour and baby-soft handle come from the strong and magnificent Shetland sheep, built for island living and bred for performance. Unfortunately for Uist Wool, there are no Shetland sheep in Uist, and so we buy our fleece from crofters across the Minch in Skye.

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