Canach wrap

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Canach cottongrass, spun from Scottish Merino fleece.

Rich in archaeological sites, the island landscapes hide and reveal traces of centuries of previous everyday lives.

Linn (age, era) the deep dark soil and the distinct layers of age revealed, recounting stories of the changing lives of people living on the land.

The subtle lines of Làrach are like traces left in the landscape by generations past; rows of lazybeds that appear and disappear with the changing light, long abandoned peat banks, or the broken outlines of stone dwellings.

A luxurious super-soft wrap in Scottish Merino with more than one amazing story to tell: A rare breed wool farmed in Aberdeenshire, spun in the Outer Hebrides by Uist Wool and woven in Speyside by Woven in the Bone. A truly artisanal product with provenance.


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