Pyramid Lavender Pouches

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Uist Wool have collaborated with skilled weavers Woven In The Bone and Taobh Tuath Tweeds to create a range of stunning woollen cloths that show off the natural beauty of our yarns. All our tweeds & cloth are woven with Uist Wool yarn.

Both Taobh Tuath Tweeds & Woven In The Bone use heritage Hattersley looms to weave single-width cloth of exemplary quality. We commission very small batches of exclusive cloth - our Harris Tweed woven by Taobh Tuath Tweeds & the rare Scottish Bowmont cloth by Woven In The Bone..

A range of pyramid shaped lavender-filled pouches have been produced for us by small-scale textile manufacturers Kalopsia Collective, a social enterprise based in Leith, working to make textiles more ethical and sustainable.

There are five different pouches available:

DEALT/Dew - light grey herringbone Harris Tweed

SGADAN/Herring - mid grey herringbone Harris Tweed

MANACH/Monk - light grey twill Harris Tweed

BREAC/Speckle - dark Scottish Bowmont cloth

STIALL/Stripe - patterned Scottish Bowmont cloth

Pyramid Pouches are 8cm x 8cm x 8cm with a hanging tag in black ribbon and filled with dried lavender.