Ripple Wrist Warmers Pattern

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The wavy ribbing of Ripple mirrors the ever-changing sand patterns and textures of our North Atlantic tidal shores.

Designed by Uist-based knitter Linda Johnson, and inspired by the fresh maritime climate of the Outer Hebrides, the cosy Ripple wrist warmers provide the perfect protection against any weather and are a great match with the Ripple hat.  

A single 100g skein of Uist Wool DK yarn will be ample to knit a pair of wrist warmers (or even two!) and there are a whole range of colour and fibre varieties to choose from. The rich peaty brown of Calma, to the light fluffy natural white of Solas, with a great range of greys in between - the wrist warmers are pictured on the pattern in Siaban.

This pattern can be knitted in the round or on straight needles.  We hope the Ripple wrist warmers bring you joy and warm hands.