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Canach cottongrass, spun from Scottish Merino fleece in a 4-ply (equivalent), sold in 50g skeins.
Scottish Merino is originally a cross breed of Shetland and Saxon Merino sheep, creating a sheep hardy enough to withstand the Scottish weather with an incredibly soft and fine fleece. The breed was developed in the 1990s by the Macaulay Institute (Now the James Hutton Institute), and you can find more about the project here.
Whilst Scottish Merino sheep are bred to be tougher than pure Merino, the Hebridean winters would still be too much for their fine fleeces, and so we source this special fibre from an established flock in Aberdeenshire.

For us, the bonus of Shetland sheep in the breeding means that we get the variety of gorgeous natural colours that we have blended into these fantastic yarns. Each of our yarns has extra texture, neps are a result of the combination of the fine fibres and our unique machinery set-up.

Each of our Canach colours are spun in individual quantities according to the raw fleece available. This means that not only are the yarns in small batches, but that the quantities vary from one colour to the next. As such, some of the colours won’t be around for long, so don’t wait!

Scottish Merino clip of 2018

Our 2018-clip is now all sorted, washed, carded, spun and available to buy here. Our machinery has undergone some tweaks in the last two years making huge improvements to the quality and consistency of our yarns. However, it has also reduced the amount of nep and nobbly character of Canach. For those who bought Osna and Glas in 2018 you will not notice a difference but Corca, Sanas and Breac have undergone a transformation: smoother and more consistent, different but by no means less stunning!

Available shades are:

Geal White 

Natural white which extra thick/thin texture.

Osna Sigh {OUT OF STOCK}

Palest grey with darker neps and specks. (170 meters per 50 grams) 

Corca Oat

Pale faun with ginger and white neps.  (170 meters per 50 grams)

Glas Grey {OUT OF STOCK}

Rich steely grey with light and dark neps. (170 meters per 50 grams)

Sanas Whisper

Deep moody warm dark grey with lighter grey neps. (165 meters per 50 grams)

Breac Speckle

Rich deep brown with ginger and white speckly neps. (165 meters per 50 grams)

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Weight 50 g
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Breac, Corca, Geal, Glas, Osna, Sanas

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